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Conferences & eLearning Submission

Use this form to submit information about Conferences and eLearning opportunities (Webcasts, Webinars, PodCasts, NetMeetings, etc.) to be listed on the NASRP.com web site.

Conferences and eLearning opportunities submitted via this form are added to the Events page. The Events page contains conference and other educational information that is relevant to the Systems & Recovery professional and is only available to our membership.

Before making a submission, please take a moment to search or browse the Events page to ensure that the information you wish to submit has not been previously listed.

To make a submission, please select the type of event and then complete each of the fields listed below. The information for many of the fields including the description field may be Cut & Paste from another document if you prefer. In the "URL" field, please enter the link that will provide additional information or registration information for the event.

Note:  All submissions are verified prior to publishing.  Any unverifiable, incomplete, inaccurate,  inappropriate or rude submissions will be NOT be published.

Please enter the following information so that we may validate your submission:
Your Name
Your email Address
Note: The information entered into this box will ONLY be used to validate your submission. It will not be stored, published or distributed in any way.

Please specify the type of event you wish to submit:
Conference eLearning

Date:   Please enter in the format of "April 15-19, 2026", or click  Available on Demand if it is available "anytime".

Time:   Please enter the time of leave blank if N/A.

Location:   Example:   "Las Vegas, NV", or click  Teleconference NetMeeting Webinar Webcast or  Podcast   as appropriate.



Example: http://www.yourdomain.com/folder/conf_signup.html
email: info@nasrp.com

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