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Conference and eLearning opportunities

The conferences and eLearning opportunities listed here have been submitted by NASRP members or event organizers and represent information from a wide variety of sources of interest to our members. The information shown on this page has not been verified by NASRP staff, nor does this information necessarily represent the views of NASRP staff or its members.

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Conference Info

This list is a summary of BCBusiness Continuity, DRDisaster Recovery and Information Technology conferences IT Technical Conference scheduled in the coming months. You may follow the links below for additional information on any of these conferences.

Help keep this list comprehensive by submitting information on new technical conferences.

  • 20 May - 23 May 2013  
    IBM Exceptional Web Experience 2013
    As the world becomes more socially connected, experiences – especially web experiences matter more than ever. Join us for the 2013 IBM Exceptional Web Experience. IBM has brought to the forefront a suite of tools, proven business solutions and industry-leading integration capabilities to deliver an Exceptional Web Experience. Learn how to create a more personalized, relevant online presence that: Provides rich and engaging experiences without sacrificing flexibility, scalability, or security Drives incremental value that combines back-end applications, commerce solutions, social media sites, and cloud-based services tailored for your audience Empowers
  • June 10-14, 2013 4.5 Days  
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Edge 2013
    IBM Edge2013 is the smart and efficient way to catch up on industry directions, trends and the most up-to-date technical content for storage in 4.5 days of intensive training and hands on labs.
    IBM Edge2013 provides technical training to IT management and professionals faced with the challenges of storing rapidly growing amounts of information, needing to stay responsive to a changing business environment and controlling costs. Over 250 sessions address the hidden costs, complexities and inefficiencies to manage and protect multiple storage solutions and terabytes of data.
    In 2013, this event will focus on virtualization of existing storage infrastructures and the issues surrounding acquisitions, planning and implementation of IBM new storage technologies and solutions to enable smarter computing. Attendees will gain a better understanding of IBM's completely integrated collaboration of hardware/software solutions. Learn about the latest enhancements to the IBM System Storage portfolio, all of which support virtualization, openness and collaborative innovation.

  • September 30 - October 4, 2013 4.5 Days   Washington, DC
    IBM System z Technical University
    Plan now to attend the 2013 IBM System z Technical University, at Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. This premier System z Enterprise® event will feature zEnterprise EC12, z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux on System z. The most recent System z announcements and most current System z product information will be covered in detailed sessions. Over 400 sessions and labs, 90% of which are brand new or significantly updated for the 2013 university! This 4.5 day event is your opportunity to broaden your knowledge and expertise on System z technology from both hardware and software perspectives
  • February 3-8, 2013, San Francisco, CA
    August 11-16, 2013, Boston MA
    SHARE Conferences

    Each year, SHARE hosts two major conferences with the goal to help enterprise technology professionals expand their industry knowledge, enhance their skills and increase the efficiency of their organization.


eLearning Info

Each eLearning opportunity listed below has its own registration or information link(s); click on any event's links and you will be directed to a new page with additional information about the selected event.

Check this page often; new eLearning opportunities are added frequently by our members and service providers as they become scheduled.

  • March 18, 2008  , 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 4:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time  
    DB2 for z/OS Trends and Directions
    This Webcast will present customer trends with DB2 for z/OS along with an overview of future development plans. A look at the new technologies that are being developed for future releases of DB2 for z/OS will also be provided. Special focus will be given to technical advances that will assist customers in managing data privacy, security, regulatory compliance, porting SQL across multiple platforms, and the scalability, availability, performance improvements that customers are looking for in DB2.
  • Available On Demand  
    Achieving Cost Effective Disk Powered Data Protection
    One of the biggest challenges facing storage managers today is finding a resourceful, low-cost data protection solution that meets the needs of their organization. Since storage capacity is constantly shrinking, it is more critical than ever to find the right answer. View this Webcast or download its companion Podcast to learn about a wide variety of innovative storage-based solutions that will enable you to provide continuous protection of your business operations at a low total cost of ownership.
    Continuity of Service for IT: A Playbook for the 21st Century
    Jim Wheeler, BellSouth, knows how to prepare for a natural disaster. In this presentation, he discusses the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the lessons learned in the restoration. Recorded live at the September, 2006, Infrastructure Management World conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Available On Demand  
    Demonstrating IT Value
    Listen to a lively and informative PPM and ITG discussion between Peter Weill and CA's ITG evangelist Steve Romero titled Demonstrating IT Value.
  • Available On Demand  
    Demonstrating IT Value
    SPEAKERS: Peter Weill, Director of the Center for Information Systems Research and Senior Research Scientist at MIT Steve Romero, PPM and IT Governance evangelist at CA
    Once you download the podcast, you'll be receiving additional white papers and podcasts in four weekly bite-sized segments for quick and easy consumption. Here's what will be available to you over the next few weeks:
     - Available now: Listen to podcast Segment 1: 'Demonstrating IT Value.' Also, download Peter Weill's white paper, 'Generating Premium Returns on Your IT Investments.'
     - Week 2 Segment 2 - 'Engaging With Business to Align Objectives.' Download the CA Clarity Manpower Case Study.
     - Week 3 Segment 3 - 'Why IT Savvy Companies are Getting a 40% Premium Return on IT.' Download a second Peter Weill white paper, 'A Matrixed Approach to Designing IT Governance.'
     - Week 4 Segment 4 - watch 'Refined PPM and Beyond PPM', a live presentation given by David Hurwitz, VP, BSO Marketing at CA.

  • Available On Demand  
    Disaster Recovery and Virtualization for SMBs from HP and VMware
    As organizations deploy virtualization, they must also evaluate storage and disaster recovery requirements to ensure the new environment is appropriately supported. In this Webcast you'll learn how HP and VMware can provide a robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution and:
     - Accelerate growth
     - Mitigate risk
     - Reduce costs  VIEW WEBCAST! 

  • Available On Demand  
    Find Out How: Remotely Restore Mobile Devices with Just One Click
    Companies with a mobile workforce constantly are tasked with ensuring those mobile devices are up-to-date and secure. But with so many devices in the field, how can a company ensure all are installed with the latest software and applications? And when a device is lost, how can a company make sure its data is protected?
    Uniter Group was tasked with managing the mobility issues of a staff of field engineers, and successfully implemented a solution that offered reliable mobile access to customer data. It also allowed them to remotely manage device support with one click, including disabling lost or stolen devices, resulting in lower support and service costs and higher customer satisfaction rates.
    Register today and for this interactive eSeminar and learn how your company can achieve similar results and benefit from the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite.
    Featured Speakers: Denis Sullivan, Americas Product Marketing Manager - Nokia Charlene O'Hanlon, Senior Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows - Ziff Davis Enterprise
    Sponsored by Nokia

    Fundamentals of Business Continuity and Availability With EMC
    You likely have a plan for business continuity in the event of a system outage. But is it complete and up-to-date? Are you confident you can automatically move your applications and data to an alternate server or servers, then restart just as automatically when the time comes? Do you have...
    How confident are you in your HA/DR plan? (Symantec)
    The lynch pin of a successful Business Continuity effort is a complete Disaster Recovery (DR) capability - the ability to quickly resume IT operations at a geographically remote location when needed. Although all organizations want this capability, due to its extreme cost, it's a luxury few can afford.
  • Available On Demand  
    How Archive and Encryption Impact Backup
    In this Video Tech Talk, GlassHouse Technologies' VP of Data Protection W. Curtis Preston, highlights the basic aspects of archiving and encryption and explains strategies for best performance. Get expert insight to questions like:
     - What's the difference between backups and archives?
     - What are archives good for?
     - How does data classification fit into backup?
     - What's the best way to do encryption?
     - Is hardware the only option for mass encryption?
     - And more

  • On Demand  
    Improving Storage Utilization with a Storage Service Management Approach
    SPEAKER: Sean Derrington, Director, Storage Management, Symantec Corporation
    SPONSOR: Symantec
    As data volumes continue to increase, point tools that keep pace with your expanding business requirements fail to solve the critical requirements for your organization to effectively manage the storage infrastructure. The first step to solve this problem is to understand the current state of the environment, from application to spindle. Next, an IT organization can begin to increase storage utilization rates from the typical 40% to 70-80%, resulting in lower storage costs. Attend this Webcast to learn more about how you can improve your storage utilization rates while keeping your costs down.

  • Available On Demand  
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 1: Service Strategies Expert Podcast - Expert Podcast
    SPEAKER: David Pultorak, CEO
    SPONSOR:, sponsored by Solidcore
    SUMMARY: Download our ITIL v3 Expert Podcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books.

  • Available On Demand  
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 2: Service Design Expert Podcast - Expert Podcast SPEAKER: Moira Stepchuk, Senior Consultant
    SPONSOR:, sponsored by Solidcore
    SUMMARY: Download our ITIL v3 Expert Podcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books.

  • Available On Demand  
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 3: Service Transition Expert Podcast - Expert Podcast
    SPEAKER: Rich Schiesser, Principal Consultant
    SUMMARY: Download our ITIL v3 Expert Podcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books.

  • Available On Demand  
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 4: Service Operation Expert Podcast - Expert Podcast
    PREMIERED: 27 Jun 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)
    SPEAKER: Don Cox, CTO
    SPONSOR:, sponsored by Solidcore
    SUMMARY: Download our ITIL v3 Expert Podcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books.

  • Available On Demand  
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 5: Continual Service Improvement Expert Podcast - Expert Podcast
    SPEAKER: Kathryn Pizzo, Senior Consultant
    SPONSOR:, sponsored by Solidcore
    SUMMARY: Download our ITIL v3 Expert Podcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books.

  • On Demand  
    ITIL v3 is here! This latest update marks the first major revision of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in seven years. ITIL v2 outlined what should be done in terms of process improvement, and now v3 provides guidance on how it should be done.
    ITIL v3: The Facts  
    Speaker: David Pultorak, CEO of Pultorak & Associates Ltd., veteran ITIL consultant and contributor to various service management publications
    Webcast: What changes can we expect in version 3? How can CIOs using v2 transition to v3 -- or is it even necessary? In this webcast, our expert will address everything you need to know about ITIL v3 and how it will affect your use of service management best practices.
    Podcast: In this 10-minute offering, our expert will highlight the 10 reasons you should consider adopting the new ITIL v3. Our speaker will also discuss the various updates from version 2 to version 3, the benefits and risks of using ITIL v3, and how to decide if moving to version 3 is right for your company.
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 1: Service Strategies  
    Speaker: David Pultorak, CEO of Pultorak & Associates Ltd., veteran ITIL consultant and contributor to various service management publications
    Webcast: The Service Strategies book of ITIL v3 provides guidance to senior leadership on how to leverage service management capabilities that can effectively deliver value to customers and capture value for service providers. In this live webcast, Pultorak will offer tips and answer your questions on the contents of the book, which covers service portfolios, capability development, operational effectiveness and more.
    Podcast: In the podcast version of this webcast, Pultorak will discuss five of the major highlights of this core book and the key audience for these standards.
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 2: Service Design  
    Speaker: Moira Stepchuk, senior consultant at Pultorak & Associates
    Webcast: The Service Design core book translates plans and objectives and creates designs and specifications for execution through service transition and operations. In a live webcast, Stepchuk will offer advice and answer questions for those tasked with bringing together the infrastructure, applications, systems and processes to create a successful service offering.
    Podcast: In this podcast, Stepchuk will highlight the contents of this new book and discuss who the key IT people are who should be using Book 2.
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 3: Service Transition  
    Speaker: Rich Schiesser, principal consultant, Pultorak & Associates
    Webcast: ITIL Book 3 on Service Transition includes suggestions to ensure that your design will deliver the intended strategy and can be operated and maintained effectively. In this live webcast, Schiesser will address the specifics of this particular book and answer questions from the IT service managers and owners who are most affected by its content.
    Podcast: In this podcast, Schiesser will offer five steps for maintaining a successful service transition.
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 4: Service Operation  
    Speaker: Don Cox, CTO, Pultorak & Associates
    Webcast: In this live webcast, Cox will offer tips and answer questions on how to successfully manage a service through its production life.
    Podcast: The fourth ITIL v3 book focuses on service operation. In this podcast, Cox will highlight the major benefits of using Book 4 to manage your daily service production.
    ITIL v3 Core Practice Book 5: Continual Service Improvement  
    Speaker: Kathryn Pizzo, senior consultant, Pultorak & Associates
    Webcast: The fifth ITIL book offers direction on how to ensure that a service delivers the maximum benefit. Pizzo will discuss the contents of this section in a live webcast and address how to measure the performance of a service through its life.
    Podcast: In this podcast, Pizzo will offer five reasons why measuring performance is key to any project and how the practices in Book 5 will help that process..

    Meeting the Challenges of Virtualization and Tiered Storage Head-On
    Many storage users are skeptical of the competing vendor claims about virtualization and tiered storage, buy many users are implementing virtualization and tiered storage environments, and they are experiencing a significant positive impact on their business and IT operations. Recorded live at the 2006 Storage Networking World conference in San Diego, California.
  • Available On Demand  
    Moving ITIL forward with v3
    SPEAKERS: Pultorak & Associates: David Pultorak, CEO; Moira Stepchuk, Senior Consultant; Rich Schiesser, Principal Consultant; Don Cox, CTO; Kathryn Pizzo, Senior Consultant

      ITIL v3 is here, marking the first major revision of the library in seven years. While ITIL v2 outlined what should be done in terms of process improvement, ITIL v3 provides guidelines on HOW it should be done. Listen to our live ITIL v3 Expert Webcasts for an overview of the new version and details on the new content in each of its five books. Then download the companion Podcasts to hear our industry experts and reviewers of the five ITIL v3 books offer valuable advice on implementation, ROI, upgrades and more.
  • Available On Demand  
    Enterprise Data: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
    To satisfy electronic discovery and other regulatory data preservation requirements, both structured and unstructured digital content must be protected from harm and safeguarded against unauthorized access. This type of authenticated content preservation requires a combination of hardware, software and enforced business processes to guarantee that digital content is securely preserved and readily available.
    This Mediacast reviews a robust 'active archive' solution that enables effective long-term, fixed-content data preservation for organizations of all sizes. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing enterprise storage infrastructure, this high-performance, high-availability, scalable archiving solution satisfies an organization's regulatory compliance requirement by ensuring the secure, long-term preservation and fast search and retrieval of valuable business records.
    View this Webcast or listen to the companion Podcast to learn more about preserving and managing your data today.

  • Available On Demand  
    Optimizing Efficiency with Integrated Information
    Modern enterprises are awash with data from an ever-growing multitude of sources. Everyone agrees that all this information is extremely useful -- even if it isn't immediately apparent -- but providing access to all the people, applications and services that need it most is anything but simple. More than ever, what busy IT and business professionals need most is an effective solution for integrating all that business-critical information and making it readily available throughout the enterprise.
    This on-demand ZDNet Webcast discusses the latest innovations in the purest forms of information technology.

  • Available On Demand  
    Power, capacity, security - tape's advantages in the data center
    Although disk technology is now viewed as the most effective backup medium, it's evident that tape can still get the job done - and gets it done at a low cost. In this expert Webcast, GlassHouse Technologies' Dianne McAdam revisits the merits of tape. View this Webcast for expert insight on: Why tape is still a very viable backup target - even with the advent of VTL and disk-based products Tape mobility Power and cooling considerations View this expert Webcast to discover more.
  • Available On Demand  
    Six IT Imperatives for success...and survival and more
    SPEAKERS: Jim O'Leary, VP product Management, EXTOL Greg Aimi, Research Director, AMR Research
    SUMMARY: Most organizations lack the ability to quickly integrate data, recourses and allocations across departments in response to market demand and business requirements. This Webcast explores six key imperatives for any IT department to contribute to the success of their company and establish business credibility, including:
    - Looking for value beyond cost savings
    - Envisioning 'how' with business processes Achieving predictability through visibility Exploiting applications, data and collaborations
    - Integrating using a building block approach Defining your business integration architecture

  • Available On Demand  
    Key compliance technologies and best practices
    While there is no lack of vendor hype surrounding solutions that facilitate regulatory compliance, there are still some questions surrounding what technologies actually work. Listen to this expert Webcast and its companion Podcast to learn about the various compliance technologies that are available and how your organization can leverage its existing IT infrastructure to satisfy compliance audits.
  • Available On Demand  
    Next-Generation NAS Systems for Windows
    For many IT departments today, their Windows file serving systems hardly resemble the scalable, dynamic resource promised by today's newest approach to network-attached storage. Instead they are saddled with disparate, dedicated servers spread across a widely distributed landscape. Burdened by capacity challenges, data retention issues and a lack of resources needed to perform data and OS management on these uncoordinated deployments, IT is ready for a better solution: the next-generation of NAS.
    Attend this Ziff Davis Enterprise eSeminar with Jeff Day of HP as he discusses how next-generation NAS systems excel in the Windows OS. The native high availability and massive scalability offered by these systems allows IT departments to unify far-reaching Windows environments and create a file serving architecture that performs better, costs less and is significantly easier to manage while provisioning IT to take best advantage of the benefits of Longhorn.
    This webcast will review the technology, explain the cost savings you can achieve, and illustrate the dramatic improvements in utilization and uptime you can realize with a next-generation approach to file server consolidation.
    Featured Speakers: Jeff Day, Marketing Manager - Hewlett-Packard Company Michael Krieger, VP, Market Experts Group - Ziff Davis Enterprise
    Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company


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